In-Depth Social Media Marketing Course

Social Media Marketing has millions of customers waiting for you on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and more. With this In-depth Social Media Marketing Course at Chee-Ron's you will be able to create marketing strategy for any business and improve its online reputation

After The Course, You Will Be Able to:

Create Marketing Plan For Social Media Sites
Create Viral Social Media Marketing Strategy.
Make Your Business a Brand Among The Users.
Drive Traffic From Social Sites
Write Awesome Content For Users
Better User Interaction & Feedback.
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Social Media Marketing Course Importance!

Social Media Sites are now used by almost all the users who are using internet, and people are spending lot of time using social sites making it an important part of Digital Marketing Course.




Facts About Social Media!



2.078 Billion Social Media Accounts

Out of Total world population of 7.210 Billion,There are 3.010 Billion Internet users & 2.078 Billion Social Media Users.


1.685 Billion Mobile Users

There are currently more than 1.685 mobile users who constantly use social sites on their mobile everyday.


79% Twitter Users Follow & Buy The Same Brand

79% users who follow any brand on twitter are likely to recommend it to their family & friends.


89% Big Brand Are 24x7 Active on Social Media

A study in 2015 showed that all the major brands are 24x7 active on all major social media sites & interacting with their customers.


74% Users Relay On Social Media For Purchase

Social media helps create a brand image and the feedback on social media helps in gaining customer trust.


Social Media Decides Your Brand Reputation

People Now Decide To Take Any Service From A Business Based On Social Media Sites & Public Review.